Quite simply the best bike seat you can buy for your child. We have sold thousands and everyone who buys this seat loves it. It is a simple design but it works. When I bought one in 2005 I thought it was the best seat, and I still believe that now. The genius is in the bar that fits to 99% of bikes out there, and attaches between the headset and seat post. This puts all the weight on the frame and into the centre of the bike. Most front seats attach to the handlebars and we believe this is dangerous as the weight is on the front of the bike and it affects the steering.
This seat is also just great fun as you can chat to your child, point things out, and deal with their needs. So you are exercising, you are spending quality time with your child, and you are both having fun. It is safe as you have your arms around your child, you can see what they are upto, they are secured in a 5 point strap, and their feet can’t go anywhere in enclosed footrests.
THIS SEAT HAS IT’S OWN BAR, IT DOES NOT FIT TO THE CROSSBAR, and so does not interfere with cables and will fit to men’s and ladies’ bikes
THIS SEAT ATTACHES TO THE HEADSET, IT DOES NOT ATTACH TO YOUR HANDLEBARS, as that is clearly dangerous. And yes, there is enough space.
$ 99.00
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