Cy∙Fi is the world’s first wireless sports speaker for biking, boating, camping or any activity enhanced with a portable speaker. It is available in two models that support almost any music-carrying device: one is the ultimate iPod accessory, and the other supports Bluetooth-A2DP enabled cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players, offering everyone from cycling enthusiasts to weekend campers a unique listening experience.

Slightly larger than a deck of cards and weighing less than 4 ounces, Cy∙Fi’s revolutionary design and portability make it easy to mount on a bicycle stem or top tube, on a backpack – almost anywhere. In the iPod version, thanks to groundbreaking Kleer technology, you can enjoy all of your digital music in unprecedented sound quality, and long battery life means you’ll enjoy it even longer. Cy∙Fi also reduces the safety concerns associated with headphones or earbuds used in active outdoor sports like cycling, and it eliminates the inconvenience and hassle of stereo wires and cables. It also comes with a handy desktop charging stand.

The Bluetooth version has been designed to play music on any device that supports A2DP, the latest stereo wireless standard. Also a hands-free speakerphone, Cy∙Fi allows you to receive phone calls while you listen to music. If your phone supports voice recognition, you can easily make speed dialing calls.

Cy∙Fi was invented by Los Angeles entrepreneur and cycling enthusiast Jeff Lotman, who wanted to find a safer way to bike with his iPod. “Music makes biking more fun,” he says. “It enhances the experience and motivates you to push harder.” Jeff determined that the solution was a small, wireless speaker that he could mount to his bike frame.

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