Balance Bike White
I had taught my kids to ride by 4 as they had used Balance Bikes, so always knew how good they were at teaching a child to balance. We skipped the stabiliser stage.
 When we made a WeeRide Balance Bike we had to ensure the bike had all the features we knew that were important; weight, brakes, non slip grips, , adjustable seat and the one all the other manufacturer’s forget...a step through frame. This is very important on our bike as you can use from 18months old. As with all WeeRide products they come with a guarantee, are made well, and look great!
I know the important points with these bikes are:
WEIGHT – you end up carrying when they get tired
TYRES – I had a JD Bug which was excellent, but the tyres kept going down, and other people had the same problem
FRAME – needs to be able to be bumped about so I think metal is better than wood. Plus ours is STEP THROUGH.
All our products are offered with SALE OR RETURN as we are confident we only sell quality goods.
They also come with GUARANTEE of a major company, plus after sales support.
$ 69.00
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